Electrocuting Myself Every Time I Say “Um”


The core function of this project is detecting when the user says a specific word, in this case, “Um” and then forwarding that detection elsewhere. This is very similar to Siri, which will later be broken down.

Audio Processing With AI

The first step is to detect when we say a particular word, meaning that the device will constantly be listening in on your conversation, without a doubt that raises privacy concerns, yet Siri does the same!

Audio -> AOP -> Confirm -> Start Siri

The IoT

Now we know when the user says our wake word, but so what? This is when we start taking action, with a couple of cheap electronics, we can do anything from watering a plant to shocking people with nearly fatal amounts of electricity!

Main Takeaways

While although this wasn’t the most useful or impactful project, I learned a lot and had some fun! In summary, I now understand how exactly voice-activated devices work, connecting ML models to IoT and lastly, how to remove filler words from my speech ;)



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