Replicating The Human Brain

The Idea

With devices like Neuralink in production, having an intrusive Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) in everyone’s body is foreseeable in the near future! With this, we can analyze every thought, every movement and every emotion to train the strongest neural network ever. This will essentially create AI consciousness, with the data of billions from birth, it will be impossible to tell the difference between a human and an AI brain. We can run drug simulations, nail the art of negotiation and of course, replace nearly all jobs.

The Problems

Security 🔐

Do We Need It?

If most jobs were replaced by AI, what would we do with our lives? An example is the education industry, some people genuinely love their jobs and will lose meaning in life without them.

Why You Should Care

Warner Brothers


Now, this is a very real application, but it is also highly controversial and dangerous. The benefits are almost incomprehensible with reality being straight out of a movie, but the cons can wipe out humanity and put millions out of jobs.



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