Takeaways from flying to Lisbon for Blockchain Week as a 15y/o

DAOs are the future of community VC

What is VitaDAO?

How-come only longevity?

Why this is wayy better than status quo

Where this will blow-up further

Blockchain is for problems, not solutions

Why do we need a DAO?

What are next steps?

  • Build a community throughout process
  • Get a research project funded
  • Attract a core team

Meet anyone & everyone

What I’m most excited for

Proof Of Humanity (POH)

  • 1 person 1 vote DAOs
  • Universal Basic Income (UBI Token)
  • Accessible & Sovereign ID alternative

Aragon Project


Special Shoutouts ❤️

VitaDAO & Molecule team

Ric Burton & Sponsors

Liscon & ETHLisbon Organizers

My mom <3

  • Renewed my passport
  • Got a covid test
  • Booked flights
  • Figured out hotel
  • Packed everything
  • Left for Portugal

If you’re still reading — thank you :)



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