Ubiquiti, The Apple Of Networking

Ubiquiti has been a large player in the enterprise networking space since it’s launch in 2005. It stayed in the wifi and switching area for years but is starting to expand in an Apple-like way.

Ubiquiti has been rapidly expanding their ecosystem in the past year, from PoE cameras to access control it is hard to resist the ease and comfortability of Unifi.

With an NVR that only works with Unifi branded cameras, it creates an environment where you only go to one shop, and while this is absolutely great for Ubiquiti and some consumers, it really hurts performance. Whether you like Unifi or not, its a fact that their cameras are very expensive and don’t perform nearly as well as others. Even other “prosumer” cameras like Reolink work better, not even mentioning enterprise-level PoE security cameras.

I see Ubiquiti to be the biggest networking company in the next few years, they have disrupted the industry to the point where if a cat5 cable can be there, they have a product for it. This is great for low maintenance and crazy easy to manage, all from the Unifi controller which is open source!

In conclusion, I love Ubiquiti's products for the ease and performability, however, I don't like the path it’s taking. I will still be divvying up my tasks, keeping Ubiquiti to only routing, switching, and wifi. I will personally be using Reolink for cameras and HID for fob access. I chose Reolink for its super easy mobile app and HID for the price and performance. If prices on Ubiquiti go up further, I will be moving to Cisco or Ruckus.



I like to build & break things!

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