Why 9 is Important

Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing my theories on world phenomenons such as Stone Henge and the Great Pyramids, the best way to decode these world occurrences is using math. I first decided to write about this when learning how to make a Tesla Coil, I know that doesn’t correlate but after further inspection, I found out that Nikola Tesla, my favourite inventor had a peculiar theory. He believed that the Great Pyramids could have been a power plant created by a prehistoric species, he claimed to know the way to harvest energy from these pyramids but due to loss of files and government coverups, this was never proven. This series is dedicated to decode these mysteries and find out if this huge conspiracy filled with coverups and numbers is true.

963 chart

So what’s with the title you ask? Nikola Tesla was obsessed with the numbers 3, 6 and 9. He began this obsession in around 1917, people highly speculated on his mental conditions and him having OCD; he would allegedly only live in hotel rooms divisible by 3 and when exercising walking exactly 16km. His most famous quote is “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe” this might explain is assumed OCD. When looking at dimensions of great structures like the Pyramids and Stonehenge you will see these 3 numbers quite often, more remarkably looking at the geographical similarities between the two.

For the sake of length, I will be going into more depth on my youtube series “3 pieces”

9 is the number for all numbers, leaving all world marvels aside it still breaks many rules and sparks my interest, if you add up all single digits excluding 9 you will get the number 36 which when added 3 and 6 it sums to 9. Now that's not very significant but what is, is what I like to call “The Chart Of 9”. This chart has no official name and is hard to explain in writing, check the video below explaining this chart.

Now we know, regardless of world phenomenons these 3 numbers still have significance. Still don’t believe me? Multiply the number 9 by any other number, then add the digits together until 1 remain; you will notice how it’s 9.

Many people believe that “369” is even the holy trinity! In this series I will also be going into depth about the zodiac year and the universe; note that each zodiac year is 2160 years, 2+1 = 3 and 3+6 = 9.

I hope I have shown you the importance of 9 if you are interested or still skeptical of this theory be sure to follow me on my journey. I will be writing on the greatest world mysteries, and so-called “coincidences’



I like to build & break things!

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