Why I Still Use Bitcoin

If you’re in the cryptocurrency space I think you can agree with me when I say, Bitcoin is NOT the final solution. From long transaction times to high fees it’s going to be hard if not impossible to completely adopt bitcoin as the main currency.

Bitcoin has allowed us to think outside of the box, create cryptocurrencies, understand that DeFi is systematically better. The question is now, what next? In my personal opinion, some currencies that can actually take over as cash include ETH, LINK and USDT. Bitcoin is very power-consuming to just keep alive and while yes, we can push a software update, it would be very hard (we have tried). Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are already thinking ahead by moving the P.O.S (proof of stake) which is much more power-efficient while maintaining decentralization

I use bitcoin for one purpose only, TO MAKE MONEY! As everyone knows bitcoin is extremely volatile and I see this as an opportunity. With markets fluctuating by the thousands every single day there is potential to make more money than any other trading asset.

In conclusion, I do see bitcoin succeeding past 20k in the near future, but nowhere close to worldwide adoption. Now for other currencies, only time can tell!



I like to build & break things!

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