Why I’m switching from Ruckus to Unifi

Aleem Rehmtulla
2 min readAug 21, 2020


If you're not a network geek, Ruckus and Ubiquiti (unifi) are both enterprise wifi companies.

I have had a ruckus network for nearly 3 years and it has worked amazing, I used a couple of unmanaged PoE switches to power my 3 Ruckus APs, an r710 and 2 r700s. The setup was complete overkill in my 2500 sqft house but hey, got to have less than 35 dBm!

Ruckus is not a very popular brand regardless of being owned by the networking giant ARRIS Group, its controller is especially hard to manage in comparison to Unifi by Ubiquiti.

I have decided to pull off a full unifi network as I am moving in the coming months, I will be using: 1 In-wall AP, 1–2 Nano HD, 2 AC Lites, 1 USG and a couple managed switches. The unifi system has a better aesthetic with the in-wall skins making it easier to place the APs near clients along with a great open-source controller which I host on a VM. From wired to non-wired I get great statistics on the controller using the USG, there is also a large price difference even though this unifi network is more powerful.

In conclusion, I am keeping a complete overkill network, just not as overkill. For homes both ruckus and unifi are unnecessary but the maintenance of Ruckus gear is only feasible for applications like hotels. Make sure to follow me as I will be posting a review of my setup soon!