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Over the past year, the pandemic has had a massive toll on small businesses, my parents being affected by that. Running PurePages, a hotel-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), they were forced into laying off most of their staff. With that being said, my Dad stayed at work late at night wearing multiple hats from tech support to server maintenance. On the daily I would help my father out with the business and work on an IoT project with him (app-controlled vending machine)

On the night of May 15th, during a cigarette break outside, he was…

Over the past few months, I’ve been training a new mindset, boss mentality, and took it upon myself to level up my public speaking. I brainstormed 3 ways to do so: Authenticity, Enunciation, and Electric Torture!

For a less technical summary of my project, check out my youtube video, here I’ll explain how everything actually works :)


The core function of this project is detecting when the user says a specific word, in this case, “Um” and then forwarding that detection elsewhere. This is very similar to Siri, which will later be broken down.

Using an Arduino, we can…

Facial recognition has been around for decades but is only now getting widely adopted, and more likely than not, your face is in a database somewhere!

What is facial recognition? 💻

Facial recognition is software that can identify a person by their unique features. It does this by comparing it to predefined aspects of the person termed “data sets”.

The most common way to identify someone using facial recognition is using the algorithm YOLO, or You Only Look Once. …

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin; are some of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market, with their main selling point being decentralization, but are they really decentralized?

Over the years, DeFi, or Decentralized Finance currencies, have become very popular, but I would disagree with the fundamental definition. DeFi is most commonly referred to as projects based on the ERC20 protocol; however, this can create a misleading title. My definition would consider any monetary currency that is decentralized to be DeFi (it just makes sense!)

Main concerns

  • It is too hard for the average user to support the network
  • It’s expensive and time consuming for…

If Artificial Intelligence (AI) were to simulate the human brain, our world would change forever. What if a machine could manipulate your thoughts? Change your beliefs? Replace all jobs?

The Idea

With devices like Neuralink in production, having an intrusive Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) in everyone’s body is foreseeable in the near future! With this, we can analyze every thought, every movement and every emotion to train the strongest neural network ever. This will essentially create AI consciousness, with the data of billions from birth, it will be impossible to tell the difference between a human and an AI brain. …

Ubiquiti has been a large player in the enterprise networking space since it’s launch in 2005. It stayed in the wifi and switching area for years but is starting to expand in an Apple-like way.

Ubiquiti has been rapidly expanding their ecosystem in the past year, from PoE cameras to access control it is hard to resist the ease and comfortability of Unifi.

With an NVR that only works with Unifi branded cameras, it creates an environment where you only go to one shop, and while this is absolutely great for Ubiquiti and some consumers, it really hurts performance. Whether…

If you’re in the cryptocurrency space I think you can agree with me when I say, Bitcoin is NOT the final solution. From long transaction times to high fees it’s going to be hard if not impossible to completely adopt bitcoin as the main currency.

Bitcoin has allowed us to think outside of the box, create cryptocurrencies, understand that DeFi is systematically better. The question is now, what next? In my personal opinion, some currencies that can actually take over as cash include ETH, LINK and USDT. Bitcoin is very power-consuming to just keep alive and while yes, we can…

If you're not a network geek, Ruckus and Ubiquiti (unifi) are both enterprise wifi companies.

I have had a ruckus network for nearly 3 years and it has worked amazing, I used a couple of unmanaged PoE switches to power my 3 Ruckus APs, an r710 and 2 r700s. The setup was complete overkill in my 2500 sqft house but hey, got to have less than 35 dBm!

Ruckus is not a very popular brand regardless of being owned by the networking giant ARRIS Group, its controller is especially hard to manage in comparison to Unifi by Ubiquiti.

I have…

Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing my theories on world phenomenons such as Stone Henge and the Great Pyramids, the best way to decode these world occurrences is using math. I first decided to write about this when learning how to make a Tesla Coil, I know that doesn’t correlate but after further inspection, I found out that Nikola Tesla, my favourite inventor had a peculiar theory. He believed that the Great Pyramids could have been a power plant created by a prehistoric species, he claimed to know the way to harvest energy from these pyramids but…

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